vkIMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) is used to support the transmission and interaction of multimedia services and applications in mobile private networks, and provides multimedia communication capabilities such as VoLTE and VoNR.


The integrated lightweight IMS uses virtualization and protocol assembly technology to integrate and optimize various functional modules to achieve system integration and simplification, thereby reducing hardware costs, power consumption and maintenance costs, and providing a more flexible and efficient Communication service.

The IMS solution includes the following key components:

P-CSCF (Proxy-Call Session Control Function): mediates and manages the connection and communication session between the communication terminal device and the IMS network.

I-CSCF (Interrogating-Call Session Control Function): Responsible for querying and routing multiple P-CSCFs to ensure the normal flow of calls and sessions.

S-CSCF (Serving-Call Session Control Function): Responsible for managing and controlling the session process of multimedia communication, including authentication, policy management, session routing and other functions.

HSS (Home Subscriber Server): stores the user's identity and service information for authentication and authorization.

MRFC (Media Resource Function Controller): Responsible for managing multimedia resources, including audio, video and real-time data.

vkIMS can work in multiple networking modes for LTE and 5G networks as well as 4/5G hybrid networking, providing high-quality and efficient multimedia communication services for various industries and enterprise private networks.