vkEPC is an innovative achievement based on virtualization and protocol assembly technology. By merging and optimizing various functional modules of the core network, the entire system is streamlined and integrated, thereby reducing hardware costs, power consumption and maintenance costs. , improving network flexibility and performance.

This EPC solution includes the following key components:

MME (Mobility Management Entity): Responsible for processing the access and authentication of mobile devices, and managing the location and mobility management of mobile devices.

SGW (Serving Gateway): used to process data transmission and provide the carrying and forwarding functions of data connections.

PGW (PDN Gateway): Responsible for connecting the core network and external networks, and providing access to the Internet and other data networks.

HSS (Home Subscriber Server): stores the user's identity and service information for authentication and authorization.

PCRF (Policy and Charging Rules Function): used to manage service policies, traffic control and charging.

Vankom integrated lightweight EPC is scalable and can add or reduce key functional modules according to needs. It can also realize resource sharing and dynamic configuration through virtualization technology, and can provide personalized network services for different application scenarios.

This solution has a wide range of applications in the field of mobile communication private networks, and is especially suitable for factories, mines, enterprise networks and other fields to help enterprises achieve efficient network operations and business innovation. It provides high-speed, reliable and secure mobile data transmission, providing strong support for the development of new business models in enterprise networks.