vk5GC is a product that meets the needs of the new era of wireless communications in the future. As an all-in-one lightweight 5G core network, it integrates all key functions of the 5G core network (5GC) and uses containerization technology to make it as lightweight and integrated as possible. Through careful design and innovation, this product provides a solution that is efficient, flexible, and has strong network performance.

Main features:

Integrated design: vk5GC integrates all key 5GC functions, such as authentication, session management and user plane data forwarding, etc., into a single platform. This can greatly simplify the deployment and maintenance process and improve the efficiency of network construction.

Lightweight framework: Excellent lightweight design can greatly reduce hardware dependencies and operating resources, making it easier to adapt to various environments and making the entire network framework more concise and efficient.

Highly customizable: The product supports personalized customization services, and can customize and optimize functions and performance according to the specific needs of users to meet the needs of various complex and specific environments, so that the integrated lightweight 5GC can fully meet user needs.

High performance: Through optimization technology and algorithms, vk5GC has strong network performance, including low latency, high throughput and large number of connections.

Safe and reliable: The various security requirements of the 5G network have been deeply integrated and optimized to provide comprehensive security protection, including network access security, communication security, etc.

Applicable scene:

Enterprises and organizations: For enterprises and organizations that need to establish private 5G networks, as well as scenarios that require large-scale Internet of Things (IoT) or edge computing applications, the integrated lightweight 5GC is an ideal choice.

Smart manufacturing: For environments such as smart factories that require real-time, highly reliable networks, integrated lightweight 5GC can provide network services that meet the needs.


The integrated lightweight 5GC adopts a new design concept to achieve lightweight and integration by integrating and optimizing the key functions of 5G. Its application can greatly improve the implementation efficiency and performance of 5G networks, further promote the widespread application of 5G technology, and meet the various needs of future wireless communications.