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Vankom integrated private core network includes 5GC, EPC and IMS which strictly follows the 3GPP specifications, and provides high-performance, highly reliable solutions for mobile private networks.


With excellent system architecture design, network elements and protocols are highly modularized, stackable and scalable, with all necessary features.


In-depth analysis of user needs, innovative implementation of various applications and functions, improving user experience, and creating more efficient product solutions.

High Performance

From L1 to application layer, the industry's best protocol design is adopted and strict compliance with 3GPP is realized to achieve higher throughput and capacity.

  • Vankom 5GC complies with 3GPP specifications and uses an integrated product architecture to realize various features of the 5G private network core network. The product is based on mainstream virtualization cloud platforms and has high performance and complete protocol features. It also simplifies the complexity of deployment and operation&management to meet the needs of small private networks.

    • 3GPP compliant
    • 5G Authentication
    • Network Slice
    • Mobility Management
    • Edge Computing
    • VoNR, voice and video
    • EPS fallback
    • IPv4 & IPv6 dual stack
    • High Reliability
    • Expendable Capacity
    • Interoperability
    • HW Independent
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  • Vankom series integrated lightweight EPC has simplification and integration of the entire system by merging and optimizing various functional modules of the core network, thereby reducing hardware costs, power consumption and maintenance costs, and improving network flexibility and performance. .

    • 3GPP Compliant
    • User Plane IPv4v6
    • Control Plane IPv4v6
    • Multiple APN
    • MME pool
    • EPS fallback
    • VoLTE Voice call
    • VoLTE Video call
    • High Reliability
    • Easy Operation
    • HW Independent
    • Expendable Capacity
    Please contact our pre-sales for more information.

"Vankom's miniaturized core network is a cost-effective equipment that can provide efficient system access for 5G edge MR/VR computing."

Jihe CEO Mr. Luo Jiang

Fast deployment of 5G/LTE private networks.

Vankom's miniaturized core network is highly integrated and flexibly expandable, and can quickly deploy 5G private networks. By adopting advanced network slicing technology, the core network can provide customized network services to meet the needs of different industries and enterprises. At the same time, its edge computing capabilities ensure low latency and high reliability, improving network performance. Security is also one of the important advantages of Vankom's miniaturized core network, which can protect user data and system stability. In addition, Vankom also provides one-stop services to help customers quickly deploy and maintain 5G private networks, reducing operating costs and risks. Vankom's miniaturized core network is an ideal choice for rapid deployment of high-quality 5G private networks.

Users may visit our website or send an email to contact the sales department to apply for a trial of Vankom core network products. During the application process, our sales team will recommend the most suitable product deployment plan based on user needs and scenarios, and answer users' questions. Once the application is approved, users will receive a free trial opportunity and can fully experience the various functions and performance of the product during the trial period. This will help users understand the excellent performance of Vankom core network and how it meets users' actual needs.